DBS has invested in one of the most modern facilities in Europe (around 35,000 square feet) giving it a production capability to handle the largest unitised projects. Its management team has visited manufacturing facilities not only in this country, but also in North America and mainland Europe before designing and building its own. The Company is engaged in a KTP with Newcastle University’s Faculty of Engineering that is examining its manufacturing processes with a view to improving capacity by analysing existing operations and simulating alternative methods and technologies.

This has allowed DBS to improve quality, capacity, and productivity in areas that have traditionally bottlenecked production, allowing the entire process to be streamlined.

CNC double head mitre, cross cut, compound, and bead saws, in-house thermal break capability, the largest four corner crimper in the UK, and a four axis CNC machining centre all feature in Deepdale’s manufacturing processes together with an industry leading QA system, and a dedicated workforce trained through a bespoke NVQ scheme

A purpose built unitised line opened in early 2009, utilises mobile tables, in conjunction with an unfettered overhead handling capability, and individual work stations, allowing the production of up to twelve fully complete cassette units per day from a single shift. The facility can accommodate two lines operating in parallel, which on a three shift system would increase capacity up to forty eight units per day. Significant areas of secure indoor and outdoor storage provides for both flexibility and continuity of site programme.