Quality and continuous improvement

Deepdale is externally audited and certified by LRQA to ISO 9001.

The Company has industry leading quality control systems that cover all aspects of its operations from receipt of enquiries through to the expiry of warranty periods, and is approved by Schuco, Kawneer, and Reynaers to design, manufacture, and install their complete range of products.

Health and Safety

Deepdale is accredited to OHSAS 18001 by LRQA and regularly reviews the performance of its health and safety management systems with a view to continuously improving performance. Deepdale has a zero tolerance approach to incidents and accidents and aspire to being incident and accident free.


Deepdale achieved ISO 14001 during 2008. The Company recycles aluminium, glass, and paper, and requires its suppliers to be environmentally aware, with many of its products being produced from recycled materials or manufactured using renewable energy sources. Over the last three years Deepdale has sent no waste material whatsoever to landfill.

Glass and aluminium (its main raw materials) are both none pollutant and recyclable at the end of the building life. Three on site wind turbines will produce about 60% of the company’s electricity needs and the facility at Queens Meadow is constructed to BREEAM standards allowing the company to significantly reduce its carbon footprint, especially in comparison with its competitors.